Cerrano Tower (Italy)

Cerrano Tower (Italy) adriaticipacbc

Euroterme Bagno di Romagna (Italy)

Euroterme Bagno di Romagna (Italy) adriaticipacbc

Cattolica harbor (Italy)

Cattolica harbor (Italy) adriaticipacbc

Abruzzo Region (Italy)

Abruzzo Region (Italy) adriaticipacbc

adriatic ipa
Project co-founded by AdriaticIPA Cross Border Cooperation 2007-2013


STAR project created a shared knowledge in the Adriatic area by combining “ICT+ tourist information” which together represent a key for innovation and a support for a more sustainable tourism in the Adriatic area.


The STAR web application was the main achievement of the project. It is a platform accessible to hoteliers and Public Administrations with different functionalities.


STAR web application enables hoteliers to manage the check-in service, to carry out customer satisfaction surveys and to fulfill their statistical obligations. Hoteliers have the possibility to compare in real time their business performance with their competitors’ in the same destination or in other partners’ tourism destinations.


STAR web application allows Public Administrations to collect in real time statistical tourism data, to know market trends, to improve tourism policies by carrying out customer satisfaction surveys.


To access STAR web application, the button below must be clicked and the credentials of national Administrator’s system must be inserted.


The platform is user-friendly and accessible to all kind of users. Through the tourism data and the statistical section of the Portal, it is also possible to view data on project’s partners tourism destinations in a graphic form following a selection of predefined indicators. Data are updated every six months.






news STAR - The the final act of the European Project
Nex Friday January 24, the Provincial administration of Rimini is going to host the conference “New tools for the analysis of tourism in the Adriatic regions” in the Sala della Conferenza ...
news Online the fourth edition of the STAR Newsletter
The fourth edition of the STAR Newsletter is online both in English and in the partners’languages. The newsletter informs about the new steps of the project and about the web application. ...
news Durres District Council organized the Local Seminar for the Promotion of the Web-portal of Project STAR
Durres District Council in the framework of Project STAR organized on 27th of November 2013, in Hotel Leonardo Durres, the Local Seminar for Promotion of Web-portal of Project STAR. ...
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